Uplifting and Expanding

the Field of Teaching Artistry

Teaching Artists Connect

empowers teaching artists with the tools to catalyze communities and create transformational experiences through the arts. 

About TAC:

Teaching Artists Connect is a non-profit organization providing creative and experiential professional development workshops for teaching artists and educators of all disciplines that inspire and uplift participants

What is a Teaching Artist?

A teaching artist is a practicing professional artist who uses their art form to engage learners, make connections with the world, and support the creation of meaningful arts experiences in a variety of educational and community settings.

Four people reach their arms to the sky as they stand around a paper tower sculpture
Brightly colored trays placed on a black tablecloth contain a range of art materials
A group of adults sit around a table and create art with a selection of materials including markers and paint

What do Teaching Artists Bring?


Teaching artists view the world through the lens of creation, and bring their unique perspective to schools and communities through joyful and unifying arts experiences.


The arts engage learners in a variety of 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.


Engagement in the arts builds empathy, creates connections, and fosters collaborations.


Teaching artists facilitate engaging aesthetic experiences that activate the artistry of participants and provide opportunities for creative problem solving.

line drawing of a paper airplane
line drawing of a portrait
line drawing of a hand holding a heart
line drawing of a jigsaw pyuzzle
Circle design from TAC logo. An orange circle with light blue spokes.

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